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All Lalì Natural Cosmetics PRODUCTS have a low environmental impact because they are created in small batches and produced in a small artisanal laboratory, maintaining the freshness of the organic raw materials which are all produced in Italy.
In our products we don’t use harmful chemical ingredients (petroleum) but only those which originate from green chemistry.


Our labels, illustrated by Laura Savina, are printed on natural non-plasticized paper. You may find that after frequent use the labels may show signs of wear. However, remember that their production has a low environmental impact.


We are doing our best to respect the environment in the packaging of Lalì Natural Cosmetics:

  • Glass jars and bottles – the glass used is recyclable and allows optimum preservation of the contents.
  • Bio Based bottles 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Bioplastic is a bio-based material derived from sugar cane one of the renewable sources of vegetable origin and has no components of fossil origin (petroleum). We are gradually replacing all our bottles using bio-based materials. On the label you will find the symbol for bio-based packaging.

PET jar 100% recycled

This material comes from recycled plastic avoiding the spread of new plastic waste into the environment.
All jars will be replaced gradually.

External Packaging

We use paper which is easy to recycle and do not include descriptive leaflets keeping the amount of paper used to a minimum possible.

The environment is our priority. One of our main objectives is to eliminate completely plastic from our packaging. It will take time because we are such a small business but we will get there.

All our love Daniela and Sara
Lali Natural Cosmetics.

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